Growing Herbs 

We are always trying to live more sustainably, and for us this means growing our own food as much as possible. This summer in the midst of tomatoes, cucumbers and other veg we are growing herbs. Herbs can be used both nutritionally and medicinally. Most of this summers herbs are specifically for our food dishes–but we plan on expanding to medicinal herbs.

We’re growing basil, cilantro, dill and rosemary as those are our favorites for cooking. We’ve also got a lot of mint growing as it’s one of my favorites for tea and it provides relief for headaches and upset stomachs. 

We use them fresh and drying bunches of each currently so we can have herbs for days after the growing season ends.

What do you like to do with your herbs?


2 thoughts on “Growing Herbs 

  1. Jane Fowler says:

    I grow chamomile and dry the pretty flowers for a wonderful sleepy tea. It’s an annual that easily self seeds every year so I don’t even need to plant it. Sage, thyme & oregano are more perennial herbs that I wouldn’t be without. I use it fresh in the summer and dry plenty for winter.

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