First Father’s Day

Fox and I are new parents. Our eight week old tiny human has turned us into new people in some ways…has exposed new parts of ourselves, and I can feel our relationship shifting around this new family member.

Today is his first Father’s day and it feels surreal and wonderful and terrifying all in one jumble of feelings. The emotional world of a new parent is intense and constantly shifting, and I can see him changing too. 

He is softer. Quieter and more deliberate in the day to day movements.

When he walks in the door after a long day at work he is always smiling, even when he is tired. I know he misses being with his little boy, misses holding him close to his chest while they nap together.

He constantly keeps reminding me about the truly important things, reminding me to enjoy the simplest moments with Baby Fox instead of fussing about the dishes or the laundry(which we can do later, together). He holds space for slow living, keeping us present.

I am moved by the way he cares for us both in this new and strange phase of our lives.

He is tired, I can tell. Full of concern for us both, determined to keep us both safe and happy. He makes sure we’ve enough to eat and tries to keep us all peacefully sleeping as long as possible.

I am delighted by the sweet, gentle way my husband talks to our son.  Through diaper changes and bath time and all the in-between-time he speaks to our son as if he is the most important person in the world and as if every single word is understood (and I think that it is!).
I’m grateful that our son is growing up with such a peaceful father. That he’ll be loved and held warmly by a dad who is not afraid to cry, laugh and love openly. I am so happy to have this man as the rock in our tiny family. 

Happy first Father’s Day Fox….we are so blessed to have you. 


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