An Impossible Introduction

“I like to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Around the age of 19, this was my motto, my mission statement. Inspired by Lewis Carroll and Emily Dickinson I believed in dwelling in possibility, where anything could happen.

Now I’m in my late twenties and I still believe in impossible things–but never before breakfast!

We are Fox and Bird, you can read more about our vocational work here.

We are gardeners, writers, musicians and educators. Our home is full of green growing things and we do our best to consume thoughtfully and limit our waste production.  We have a beautiful golden retriever, a sassy black tomcat and one little baby Fox on the way. We write poetry & music and consult–writing, speaking about urban food production, sustainability, natural learning and informal education. We want to live more sustainably and help others do the same.  We try to practice the ‘art of slow living’ and stay present in each moment and we love spending time with our families. We are passionate about creativity, well-being and sustainable social change. We dream about packing up and living in an RV and travelling the world…but right now we’re settled in the city where we’ll start raising our little one.

This blog is a record of sorts our life together, our adventures and smatterings of our creative and insights into the vocations we pursue.  You’ll see posts most frequently from me (Bird) but this is collection of our shared experiences.

We both believe in building impossible things and bringing big dreams to life, but never before breakfast–and certainly never before coffee! We hope you’ll enjoy some of our stories and in turn share some of your own. Thank you for stopping by!




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